About Us

Who we are?

The Gata de Plecare (ready to go) team consists of motivated and trained people (trough internal or external specialization and communication trainings) to high standards for cutomer satisfaction, consumer of our tourism produscts.

Over the years, we have gained experience and evolved, offering our clients from Romania but also from outside our country, the best possible tourism consultancy.


What are we doing?

Find all the tourism services you need! Whether you want to book a hotel for your groups, for you or your clients, flight, a bus, a city break, a guide or a tour package, we are here to guide you and to find the best deals from tens of thousands available.

We have over 75 suppliers and partners plus the largest GDS and airline companies that we work with every day, thus allowing us access to the entire global service offering.  Thus, we sort through all the offers, choose and personalize the destination and present it to you.

At the same time, through our website, we have provided you with the technology so you can search for yourself, at any time, what destinations and services you want.


How we do it?

We have invested in technology, to be able to offer you modern travel solutions online, to inform you about or to buy (online by credit card) our offers.

However, beyond modern technology, we belive that our staff brings a fantastic contribution to any traveler, consulting and offering you the best solutions and alternatives, based on previous experiences and information of the agency from this year or past years.