About Romania

Romania is the largest country within South-East Europe, sharing borders Ukraine to the north, with the Republic of Moldova to the East, with the Black Sea to the South-East, with Bulgaria to the south, with Serbia in the South-West and with Hungary to the West – Northwest.

Romania’s territory is equally distributed between mountains, hills, lowlands territories with numerous rivers and lakes. The Carpathian Mountains (known also as the Transylvanian Alps) dominate the central Romania. They are surrounded by the Moldavian and the Transylvanian plateaus followed by the Pannonian plain to the West and the very fertile plain of Wallachia to the South.

Our forests cover approx. 20% of our territory so the fauna is one of the richest in Europe including bears, deer, lynx, chamois and wolves. The legendary Danube River ends its eight-country journey at the Black Sea, after forming one of the largest and most bio-diverse wetlands in the world, the Danube Delta.