Ieud wooden Church

The wooden church of Ieud is considered one of the oldest wooden churches in Europe. By some specialists the church was built in 1628 surviving the Tartars attacks during the 18th century while others date it back in 1364 which makes it indeed the oldest of Maramures. The church has the typical architectural style of Maramures consisting of very tall wooden towers specific to the late gothic style but also bears significant Orthodox influences.

The amazing murals were made directly on wood by presumably Alexandru Ponehalski, a very active church painter in Maramures at that time, and are very well preserved to this day. The painting in the pronaos depict the Last Judgement, where the blaze of the inferno is about to engulf the sinners. In 1921 an important discovery was made in the attic of the church: the Codex of Ieud, a document dating of XIV cen. and which is generally considered to be the oldest example of written Romanian. Inside the church there are also several old wooden icons, a priceless collection of icons painted on glass, carpets and towels with local geometric motifs.