Transfagarasan Mountain road

Is one of the most spectacular mountain roads in the World. Transfagarasan was built in the 70ies by Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu as a military road connecting the two Romanian historic provinces, Wallachia and Transylvania.

The road climbs over the Fagaras Mountains reaching the highest altitude at Balea Lake which is 2042m above the sea level, then abruptly descends down the other side of Carpathians into the province of Transylvania. The road is almost 100 kilometres long, with 27 viaducts and bridges but also the longest road tunnel in Romania – almost 1 km, that passes through Paltin Mountains, from Capra to Balea Lake.

Thanks to the extremely powerful currents, the ventilation inside of the tunnel is made naturally. The road was opened in 1974 and came with high costs in both financial and human effort. The road closes with the first snow of October and opens again in June or July, depending on weather conditions.